7 Reasons To Choose Teaching

Teaching is a special calling and not a job that is well-suited to every personality. A lot of new teachers actually leave the profession within three to five years of teaching due to feeling burnt out by the job. However there are many rewards involved in a career so tough and in this guide we provide seven reasons you should choose teaching.

  1. Potential. Not every person you teach will succeed in your class. This shouldn’t stop you from the belief that you are an excellent teacher as people have many different styles of learning and like with any job, no matter how hard you work you can’t help everyone. Each New Year that you watch an intake represents a whole new year of challenges and blossoming potential.
  2. Success. Students succeeding and sometimes succeeding against the odds against them is the reason most teachers carry on. Working with teaching recruitment agencies like http://www.rikama-education.com can mean you get to choose the type of work you have and this route into a job means you get to watch your students learn and understand new concepts that perhaps they wouldn’t have previously. Being able to reach students on that level who may have been written off as unteachable by others is truly worth the stress of the job.
  3. Teaching helps you learn. Student queries and questions can actually help you develop further as an educator and a learner yourself. This constant need for new information from students may push you further than the education you yourself took.
  4. It’s funny! Depending on the age range you are teaching, your pupils can be more than just numbers in the classroom. They have their own personalities and these individual children in front of you are funny, charismatic little characters so have their own ideas on the world some of which can be hilarious if they choose to share with you.
  5. Affecting the future. It sounds very pedestrian, but knowing you are shaping the futures of the people in front of you is a fulfilling reason to be a teacher. Teachers see dreams and ideas pop every single day and if you get to be the person supporting a dream that becomes a success, then all the better.
  6. Keeping young. The constant being around children all day can actually keep you young! You’ll be up to date on the latest and greatest trends and you will remain knowledgeable about the lingo too!
  7. Security. Job security is a big factor in teaching. Working through agencies such as http://www.rikama-education.com you will be able to see first-hand that there are no end of teaching jobs out there. You will be able to work in any sector you like if there are jobs there and children and adults of all levels will always need teachers to guide and inspire them. You have a recession proof profession in teaching and it should be taken advantage of!