Information on Types of Teaching

You can choose your topic and your age range you want to teach but there are many different types of teaching jobs. Whether you’re looking for a long term teaching job in the same school or a guaranteed supply job in different schools a teaching agency is the place to go to find the right position for you. http://www.rikama-education.com is a teaching agency based in Kent that can find these types of work for you.

Throughout the academic year, there are certain bursts of time where teaching jobs are more prevalent. As schools begin September and end in July, March tends to be the best time of year if you are searching for permanent teaching work. Maternity contracts and temporary work contracts are advertised year round but agency work from http://www.rikama-education.com for substitute teaching is available year round. Agencies pride themselves on finding you the right position in the right school at the right time. Teaching jobs fall into certain categories and these including long term teaching jobs. Schools always need qualified teachers to cover vacancies that open up by teachers leaving or going on maternity leave. Long term teaching tends to last from six weeks to the entirety of the academic year. These jobs are advertised with agencies and across job boards at the end of the Trinity term before the summer term begins in April after Easter.

Daily supply teaching is the last minute emergency cover required by schools to cover staff absences and can be anything from a day to a couple of weeks. Agencies like http://www.rikama-education.com get dozens of jobs in like this daily and for those who prefer the variety of many schools this is a great option. Permanent teaching jobs also come up through the year and this way you are recruited directly by the school ahead and paid by them too. Supply and long term jobs are paid via your agency and your benefits all come from the agency that employs you.

Tutors and one to one tuition jobs are fewer and further between but these are still available to teachers. Tutors for both after school and weekend work are required and opportunities for tutoring extension programs as well as offering tutoring to gifted and talented students who require subject specialists. Agencies all offer tutoring services during school time. One to one tuition is a government initiative aimed at improving the Maths and English levels of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students and agencies need tutors to cover these contracts. Students are given 10 hours tuition within school hours. This tuition time is normally spread out over 10 weeks, but can also be an intensive two week block. Teachers delivering 1:1 tuition can be responsible for up to 6 students in one day. It is essential that students have continuity in their tutoring, therefore teachers need to be committed for the full length of the program and be willing to plan alongside the students learning.